ZippyShare Show “403 Prohibited” in Europium Countries


ZippyShare message 403 prohibited in European countries

If you have ever tried to download things from the internet, you may have seen the website. Zippyshare is a free file sharing community that allows you to share your files worldwide without any payment. The website was established in 2006 and is now one of the most prestigious cities for sharing data. According to unofficial reports, the website has around 100 million users and is below 500 ranges based on Alexa website traffic. The website also offers an application program that allows you to upload files to your server without visiting the website. You can upload files of up to 500 MB and share them with an unlimited number of people. You can upload files without registering, but if you want to track your data, you must create an account with Zippyshare.

Enthusiasts of Zippyshare receive bad news from the past months. A few months before that, precisely in March, the website was not accessible from the UK. When you connect to the website from the UK IP address, the message 403 Forbidden is displayed. This is not an ISP level block. Later, after another month, visitors from Germany also received the same message. Now the inhabitants of Spain also report the same problem. They have not received any warning about the removal website to be able to back up their files elsewhere.

Zippyshare users from these countries are sewn. They do not have direct access to the website.

Is the ZippyShare “403 prohibited” message due to an ISP level lock?

This is not an ISP level block. This is because, if your internet provider has blocked, you will receive a warning message when you visit the website. In this case, all people in the UK, Germany, and Spain receive the same message.

If you are a web developer, you know how to block a website from a specific region. Many webmasters do the same to prevent unwanted Chinese bots from using web resources. Here the same method is used to avoid visitors from a particular part from gaining access to the website.

403 prohibited in European countries

Now you can think about why the website is only available in some countries. It can certainly be due to legal issues. Since the beginning, the website has been used to distribute illegal content, especially for software programs. Zippyshare may receive a legal warning from these countries to block your site, and this may be the reason for this error. Even after blocking three countries, there is no official statement from you that states the purpose.

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How to access ZippyShare without bypassing the “403 prohibited” error message?

As the Zippyshare website is not completely inactive, you can access the website from all other countries except the UK, Germany, and Spain. To make this possible, you can use any VPN software on your device. There are many VPN tools available on the market, such as TunnelBear, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, etc. but my favorite is IPVanish. I have been using this in recent years, and the experience is perfect.

Step 1: Download and install the IPVanish VPN. This is not a free service. A few free VPN tools are available. But I don’t recommend it due to security issues.

Step 2: – Open the software and connect to servers other than the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain. If possible, avoid the IP address of European countries.

ZippyShare message "403 prohibited" in European countries

Step 3: – After you have successfully connected the device, visit again. You can visit the website without receiving the message “403 Forbidden Nginx / 1.10.3 (Ubuntu)”.

ZippyShare message "403 prohibited" in European countries


Zippyshare has limited access to its website to certain European countries. It includes Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom, where copyright issues matter. Millions of these countries hit the website, with around 100 million users. They can no longer use their accounts and are likely to lose their uploaded data. All this was a quick decision without warnings.

Because the website is accessible from other countries, users from these three countries still have access to their data. All they have to do is use the VPN software on their device before they connect to the Zippyshare website.

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