Torrent Search Engine Sites To Find Any Torrent


If you have lived near the torrent ecosystem, you may realize that there are numerous torrent sites where you can search for torrent files. But if you remember, when the FBI caught CAT operators, many people heard the term torrent search engine for the first time.

During growing research, many torrent sites are starting to call themselves a torrent search engine, saying they are only offering people a way to search for torrents. It is a category of torrent sites that do not host torrent files but gives users a way to find torrents on other torrent sites.

Torrent Search Engine Sites To Find Any Torrent 8 Best Free Torrent Search Engines For 2019-20


Torrent Search Engine Sites To Find Any Torrent

This popular meta torrent site for search engines is very different from all other BitTorrent related websites that you will see. While the home pages present extensive lists of torrents, shows search trends for popular searches. These trends continue to change regularly and give a good idea of what’s in fashion and what BitTorrent users are looking for.

If you scroll down, you can find torrent sites that are divided into different categories. The user interface is neat and clean, and you will not see any annoying advertisements that appear out of the blue. With the search button at the top left, you can search for the torrent that you like and get related downloads from BitTorrent. You can also sort the results by date and relevance.

2. Torrentz2

Torrent Search Engine Sites To Find Any Torrent

You can try Torrentz2 as an alternative to the now offline Torrentz site. Even the torrent site is presented as a clone or replacement for the missing website. I have also included it in recent updates or the best alternatives to TBP and CAT.

This torrent search engine for 2019-20 presents the same interface and is also available in an onion version for users who want to access it via Tor; This option ensures that you can access it at any time without fear of downtime. You can use the search bar to find torrent from the Torrentz2 index or more than 61 million torrents from more than 90 torrent sites.

3. Toorgle

Torrent Search Engine Sites To Find Any Torrent

Another name on the list of the best search engines for torrents is Google-inspired Toorgle. Just like Torrentz2, it also only presents the torrent bar on its homepage. After searching for files with this torrent browser, you can sort the result by relevance and date.

It seems that Toorgle seems a bit dated, but this makes the torrent search engine site lighter and can load on slower connections. It searches 450 torrent sites to find what you’re looking for and deliver the best results.

4. TorrentSeeker

Torrent Search Engine Sites To Find Any Torrent

TorrentSeeker is also a powerful torrent search engine that uses Google Custom Search to scrape torrents from over 100 torrent sites. The site also claims that it regularly updates its database with popular torrents, newer proxy sites, and specific niche and language resources.

The easy-to-use interface makes the torrent search process easier than ever. However, the excellent appearance is only limited to the homepage. The results page is not so nice. Anyway, do what you do, do your job or find the torrents that users want. You can also sort the results by relevance and date.

5. Digbt

Torrent Search Engine Sites To Find Any Torrent

Just like Snowfl, Digbt is also a torrent download website with a clean and distracting interface. It is a BitTorrent DHT search engine that uses the DHT protocol to search for nodes that cause or distribute a torrent. Just like other websites on this list, Digbt also does not store any content on its website. Easily use metadata as names and formats to download torrent files.

That’s why these were some of the websites for 2019-20 that don’t host torrent or yours, but that can act as a search engine to find content from other torrent sites.

6. Xtorx

Torrent Search Engine Sites To Find Any Torrent

When you try to find your favourite torrents, there is another excellent torrent search site called Xerox. Like other alternatives that you find in this list, Xtorx also presents only one search bar on the home page.

You can get your torrent search results right away, but unfortunately, there is no way to filter them. But that is not necessary because Xtorx provides search URLs for other torrent sites. That means that clicking on one of the results would open a new search on another torrent site.

7. Snowfl

Torrent Search Engine Sites To Find Any Torrent

Like other torrent sites mentioned in this list, is a torrent aggregator that traverses various public torrent indexes when searching for a search on this website. What sets this website apart from other sources is the minimal interface and the night mode option to calm your eyes.

There are very few items and advertisements on the website and the list of files from various torrent downloaders such as Rarbg, Pirate Bay, etc., are listed in a simple directory. You have to click on the blue links to securely download the torrent files at once. There is also a .onion link to the website that guarantees access, even when browsing the Tor network.

8. Veoble

Torrent Search Engine Sites To Find Any Torrent

This black website is also ranked among the authoritative torrent search engine sites that you will find on the web. It is rapidly gaining popularity among users, probably due to the dark theme. The fact that more and more users are looking for services with dark themes to use cannot be denied.

With the help of personalized Google Search, Veoble offers users torrent search and image search options. After activating a search, the results can be reduced, depending on torrent sites, language, etc. In addition to sorting by date and relevance, Veoble also offers image search. Image search is simply a Google image search, but it is an excellent addition.


Fossbytes is publishing this list just for educational purposes. We do not support the use of any website to download copyrighted content. We also encourage new BitTorrent users to explore the basics of P2P file sharing, its advantages, and the local laws related to the same.

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