Top 10 Tech Site 2020


We have compiled a list of best top 10 tech site 2019. These tech sites are taking into account their popularity, content frequency, Alexa rankings, and also a trust factor. You can browse these technology websites to see what’s happening around the world. Most of these news magazines cover stories from around the world.

Top 10 Tech Site

In addition to the latest tech news site, some of these sites provide a guide for solving the problems of your PC, Android, also iOS, etc. They become lifeguards if you confronted with such a problem.

1. Gizmodo – 1# TECH SITE

With almost 71 million visitors in a month, Gizmodo is one of the top tech websites on the internet. They have a device-based part so that you can easily follow the technologies associated with a specific device. Gizmodo does not only talk about the following technologies.

Moreover, In his “Paleofuture” section, Gizmodo discusses the history of technologies that can arise. The io9 section keeps you up to date with science fiction films.

Gizmodo - 1# TECH SITE

Good things in Gizmodo Bad things in Gizmodo
  • Gizmodo has a clean interface with minimal advertisements.
  • They talk about the future and the past of technologies.
  • Also, Free to use
  • Too much emphasis on Apple products and their defects.
  • If you are someone who is only looking for advanced technical news, the other section, such as “Earther,” may bother you.

2. Bleeping Computer – 2# TECH SITE

Bleeping Computer, founded in 2004, was the first news and support site that linked to “No More Ransom Project.” Bleeping Computer mainly reports on security risks, both online and offline, technology news, and also the basic knowledge to make your Computer work effectively.
Also, the website has more than 11.2 million visits per month and also hosts more than 705,000 registered users. It has an extensive guide for various virus removal at no cost. If you want to take your technical knowledge to a higher level, you can opt for the specialized IT certification courses from Bleeping Computer.

Bleeping Computer - 2# TECH SITE

Good things in Bleeping Computer Bad things in Bleeping Computer
  • Registered users can enjoy content without advertising.
  • The content is suitable for beginners and technology experts.
  • Gives an impartial assessment of the products.
  • A large number of ads makes the interface a messy place.
  • The utilities and programs used in the free virus removal guide are not always free.
  • The registration process is not optimized.

3. Mashable – 3 # TECH SITE

Mashable came in the spotlight in 2009, when Time Magazine rated it as one of the 25 best blogs. The website has 46 million visits each month and no less than 10.2 million followers on Twitter, only after the TechCrunch website.

Mashable posts are mostly about entertainment, digital culture, and its empowering effects on society. The website is ideal for players and cinema visitors. They have a special section for the same. Also, Another great feature of Mashable is the videos related to each technology that helps to understand the ideas.

Mashable - 3RD # TECH SITE

Good things in Mashable Bad things in Mashable
  • The content is easy to understand.
  • The interface is very simple and offers an optimized reading experience.
  • The website takes longer than the average loading time.
  • Sometimes they post incorrect and biased information.
  • Customers experience difficulties when they purchase products from the Mashable website.

4. Engadget

It is a multilingual tech site that covers the latest technology news in their daily blog. Moreover, The innovative content of the site has delivered them 2.6 million Twitter users and an average of 47 million monthly visitors.

The “Buying Guide” section provides useful reviews of gadgets, including their advantages and disadvantages. The “Tomorrow” function informs you about the following technologies and their effects on society.


Good things in Engadget Bad things in Engadget
  • The accurate information from Engadget is your most energetic possession.
  • The website is multilingual. It has 10 blogs: 4 in English and 1 in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, Korean, and also German.
  • Further, It has a podcast for weekly technology review.
  • Accused of favoring Apple products with high ratings.
  • It takes longer than the average charging time.
  • Sometimes they deviate from technological news to diplomatic and political news.



With almost 161 million readers per month, CNET is the most read tech site on the internet. CNET offers reviews, podcasts, articles, blogs, and news about the latest trends in technology and gadgets.

Moreover, The download section of CNET,, has more than 400,000 titles, offering almost all popular software. It also presents the “procedures” section for tutorials on new products.

CNET also has region and language-specific editions. It is available in Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese, and also Spanish.

Good things in CNET Bad things in CNET
  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Product reviews are accurate.
  • Registration is free.


  • The website contains too many advertisements. Also, It takes up a lot of memory and data in the CPU.
  • Items change their position on the screen. Also, users can end up clicking on something else instead of the desired one.
  • Downloads from may contain unwanted software, such as malware and spyware.

6. TechCrunch

Founded in 2005 by Archimedes Ventures. It is one of the leading websites dedicated exclusively to technology. Further, It has more than 35 million readers per month and more than 11.1 million followers on Twitter.

TechCrunch focuses primarily on the creation of profiles, the assessment of new technology companies, and the latest technological product.

Tech Crunch

Good things in TechCrunch Bad things in TechCrunch
  • TechCrunch is easy to use and is a free website that can be viewed by anyone, not just experts.
  • It has various community events, such as the Crunchies Award, which helps the community to collect and grow.
  • It is available in different languages, English, Mandarin, Japanese, and also French.
  • TechCrunch has been called biased by several people. Also, It said that he only publishes articles about the new companies that would make him profit.
  • TechCrunch tends mainly to the commercial side.
  • It also said that TechCrunch is not that strong in the analysis.

7. Wired

Since 1993, Wired has been publishing the monthly Tech magazine both offline and online. Condé Nast owns it. It has 35 million readers per month and more than 11.4k followers on Twitter.

Wired focuses on the technological effects of products on culture, economy, and politics. One of the “Ideas” section discusses the future of technology and science.


Good things in Wired Bad things in Wired
  • It is a free tech site that everyone can enjoy.
  • When registering, 20 reward points awarded. Once enough reward points have collected, you can choose from various other magazines to read.
  • It is effortless to use and easy to understand for any ordinary man with minimal technological knowledge.
  • It has some problems with censorship. But almost all websites have the same problem.
  • Do not discuss the subject.

8. Ars Technica

In Latin, Ars Technica means “The art of technology.” Condé Nast owns it. With 1.27 million followers on Twitter and 37 million readers per month, Ars Technica is one of the most followed tech sites by Tech-Nerds and technology experts.

On this website, you will find technological news, technological impact on science, politics, and society in general. There are many articles about news and reviews about software, technology policy, games, etc.

Ars Technica

Good things in Ars Technica Bad things in Ars Technica
  • It is one of the most important websites designed to adapt to the technological update requirements of experts and technicians.
  • Ars Technical will provide you with complete details and details of the product in question.
  • Because this tech site aimed at experts and geeks, it does not simplify reviews and articles for the common man.

9. TechRadar

Tech Radar

With 219.4k followers on Twitter and 68 million readers per month, is one of the best websites to follow to receive the latest news and technological updates.

It focuses primarily on the latest devices such as telephones, laptops, televisions, and various offers that are available on it. It also has a photography based section.


Good things in TechRadar Bad things in TechRadar
  • com offers various buying guides on devices.
  • In one of the “How” sections, it offers tips and tricks for the efficient use of its devices and technology.
  • It is a website that can be beneficial for most photographers because it contains many articles, reviews, and comparisons about photography and cameras.
  • It focuses primarily on gadgets instead of software.
  • The popular technology website contains many advertisements and pop-ups, making the site difficult to navigate.
  • It is slow and always lacks time.

10. Digitaltrends

With 2.5 million followers on Twitter and 40 million readers per month, it is a reliable and easy-to-read website for all your technology and gaming requirements. is a website that publishes tech news, guides, reviews about electronic products. It has various articles and instructional videos. It also has several original technology series.

Digital Trends

Good things in Digitaltrends Bad things in Digitaltrends
  • Great reading experience with a simple design with an excellent image/content ratio.
  • It is also available in Spanish for all its Spanish readers, Digital Trends Españoles.
  • The views will charge if you have activated an adblocker.
  • Especially when you try to view the original series, it displayed with the message “Error 404”.

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