Strikethrough in google docs? Quick & Easy Method


Strikethrough Google Docs Many people who use Google Docs, Wordpad and MS Word still don’t know what the term strikethrough means. But they will understand when it is crossed out. Crossed out is a crossed-out representation of texts in the middle without affecting readability. Now you can imagine what its meaning is. That is why we need to think about the situation where typewriters and other non-erasable text printing machines were the only means of writing. Once an error occurred, he could not delete it, and the only possible option was to cross the wrong letter using the cross-out function. It was later adapted to computers and implemented as a function in almost all writing aids.

Strikethrough in google docs? Quick & Easy Method

Almost all typing programs such as MS Word, Wordpad, LibreOffice and Google Docs have this feature, but many people do not know how to use them. Sometimes it is in the toolbar itself, but people look at a different menu to find this.

How to delete in Google Docs? General and shortcut method

Many people rely on Google documents for many useful functions. Unlike MS Word, it is a cloud platform and sharing in Google Docs is more accessible than any comparable service. It is also the best tool for creating resume templates, brochures and cards. Follow the instructions to add strikethroughs in Google Docs.

Step 1:

First, you have to select the part of the text that you want to add in advance. Then click Format.


Strikethrough in google docs Step 2:

Then click on Text. There you will see many formatting options. From there you need to select the Strike-through option.

Strikethrough in google docs

Now the selected text is changed to a strikethrough.


To reverse the strikethrough effect, follow the same steps.

Like other writing tools, Google Docs also supports various shortcuts. If you want to use the cross-out function repeatedly, you can use the shortcode.

Mac computer: – ⌘ + Shift + X.
Windows computer: – Alt + Shift + 5
Linux distributions: – Alt + Shift + 5

These are all the default settings. Some Mac users can change the most important accessibility features. For example, many people exchange the function of ⌘ and the option key. So, if you have that setting, use the correct keys to delete in Macbook.

We hope you understand how to add strikethroughs in Google Docs.

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