How To Quote Message in Discord


Discord is a free chat application, such as Skype, TeamSpeak, or another communication platform like slack. It is specially designed for gamers. This app provides a facility for players to communicate and coordinate with each other while playing. It provides the facility of voice chat, text chat, and video calls, but Discord quote feature was not available earlier.


Discord is useful when playing PC games. The application makes chatting easier and offers search functions that you can use to find other people and add them to a friend list for quick communication.

The main focus of this application is chatting. Gamers can use all types of text formatting, like bold, underline, italics, and much more. Because of these features, users can express themselves better.

One feature that Discord users are always looking for is the ability to quote others. Discord alternative such as slack has this feature. For a long time, Discord users were unlucky to quote other users because this feature is not available. They use code blocks or sophisticated chatbots to solve this problem.

How To Quote Messages In Discord

Now you can quote other discord users on all platforms such as iOS, Android, and desktop using the same method. We’ll focus on how to do quotes on mobile, although the quoting technique is the same in all devices. The multi-line quoting procedure is slightly different on desktop (it’s easier), but all process works the same way in all platform.

Single-line Quotes On Discord

Single-line quoting in Discord are used when you want to quote something that only occupies one line of text. It means that you can’t do line breaks. Your fingers never touch the enter button on your keyboard to the next line.

To single-line quote, just type the greater symbol “>”, followed by a space and your quote. See the picture below on how it looks like in the app.

Single line discord quote

Multi-line Quotes On Discord

Multi-line quoting is used when you need to quote something that contains more than one line, such as a paragraph. You can do this by simply typing “>” in front of every new line that you want to quote, although this can get annoying after a while.

Another way is, you can only type greater sign three-time such as”>>>” followed by a space and then typed your message so that whatever you type in the message becomes a part of the quote. The only way to exit from the quote is to send the message and start a new one. See the picture below on how a multi-line quote looks like in the app.

Multi line discord quote

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Using Code Blocks To Quote Somebody On Discord

Before introducing the quote feature by Discard. Many Discord users using code block feature to gain the ability to quote message. Also, this method still works, and it is used as an alternative method. If you want to make a quote using code block you just need to put your text between single quotation (‘) or in three quotations (“‘). A single quotation symbol is used to format one line quote and three quotations symbol used to format multi-line quotes.

The text between a single quotation (‘)  can format into a single line quote in the code block. For example, if you want a single line quote, you write it as ‘one-line code blocks are neat’.

The text between three quotations (“‘) can format multiple lines quote. For example, if you want to a multi-line quote, you write it as:

“‘I am doing

Multi-line quote

using code block “‘

Now it is up to you whether you use code blocks or block quotes. Try both of them and see which is most accessible or comfortable for you.

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