Couchtuner Blocked or Down? 5 Alternatives to Watch TV Series


Couchtuner blocked or dropped? The 5 best alternatives to watch TV series

Couchtuner Importance: It is really true that everyone likes to enjoy after being at work or school all day. Many social networks make this entertainment possible, which people like me are interested in watching TV shows or shows. For the same reason, there is a vast audience list that is subscribed to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. But keep in mind that there are others on this list. They are less known, but they can certainly influence you a lot. In particular, Couch tuner can be a popular choice.

With CouchTuner, you can view content from HBO, The CW, Warner Bros, CNN, Otter, and more. You must also remember that the service is really free. The website offers a handy interface that allows users to host content. If you get it for free, the chances are that specific search engines will block access. Do not worry! Here I am to help you. I strongly recommend five best alternatives that always do the same as with Couchtuner.

Couchtuner blocked or dropped? The 5 best alternatives to watch TV series

The 5 best alternatives for CouchTuner to watch online TV series

1. Solar Movies

If you ask me to pick it up, my first selection will be Solarmovie. It has many entertainment collections. The user interface of the website is quite excellent. You can find movies based on the genre, country, main IMDB, and the television series that appear at the top of the window. The Request function allows users to request a program that they like. You can also rate movies and save exciting content. But keep in mind that these functions are only for registered users. In other words, you do not have to pay anything for registration. It is completely free, and the website will never ask for personal information.

Couchtuner blocked or dropped 5 Alternatives to watch TV series

You will find movies and programs or different categories such as Animation, Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller, Romance, Drama, and more at the bottom of the interface. This efficient and straightforward entertainment website will tempt you to look as soon as you enter. Note that the Solar film does not save any files on the servers. Unaffiliated third parties provide the content that you enjoy. So you have free time useful. Take the link below and enjoy it.

2. New Episodes 

If you are a big fan of the TV series, then you’ve come to the right place. The website shows sincerity towards its own name. As soon as the television series is broadcast, you can find it on the website. The website provides the link to the high-quality video after the launch. Also, the site displays each series conveniently. That is why it is easy for users to navigate and find their interests. It is important to realize that you can search alphabetically. Also, the search bar option makes it easier for users.

Couchtuner blocked or dropped 5 Alternatives to watch TV series

You can also request a season or delivery through this website. The active forum menu is at the top of the website interface. I know that everyone likes to be part of a community of members around the world. The movie tab takes you to another website with a list of exciting movies. Then you get two in one if you are on the New episodes platform. I would recommend that you appear as soon as you enter the new delivery forum.

3. PutLocker

PutLocker is an online streaming website that can be an effective alternative to CouchTuner. Interestingly, the website contains both TV programs and films. Moreover, they also have many mirrors to choose from. Otherwise, the user will never find the lack of content available for a video. To point out that the website has a large collection of films and shows for free. You must also state the user interface that is fairly friendly to everyone.

Alternatives to watch TV series

In addition to Hollywood blockbusters, the website also has space for television shows from other countries. This includes the top-rated TV programs from Korea, Thailand, China, etc. Once an application is a broadcast, you can find those things here in PutLocker. Mirrors do the work for PutLocker. Discover new films, the latest TV shows from the vast PutLocker collection, and find time to enjoy them.

4. Moviewatcher

Movie watcher is a free online website for movie correspondence. It is a streaming website where you can view free content. You do not have to register. One could also be used for its easy to use interface. It is effortless for everyone to discover their favourite content. The website has content on the list that is now being played in cinemas, the most viewed films, recently added movies and television series. It means that you are on your way to finding your child’s videos. All information about the content is displayed while you place the mouse pointer on the poster.

Couchtuner blocked or dropped 5 Alternatives to watch TV series

Moreover, one can find films from different categories. The list includes animation, adventure, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, fantasy, family, black cinema, game show, history, horror, music, musical, mystery, news, reality TV, romance, short film, sports, conversation show, suspense, western and war. The website is updated daily so that you get the best experience. Moreover, you can download films on the website and watch them when the user is interested.

5. AZ movies

Maybe this is my last choice as an alternative to CouchTuner. Although users may feel that it is something, no, it is free. Users can find movies and programs flooded in the interface. And it’s completely free. The website interface is also really great. Once you enter the platform, it’s pretty hard to return before you view content. Moreover, you can easily find a video of your interest. You must not forget that the website is managed by a good team who love to share the love of cinema with everyone.

5 Alternatives to watch TV series

After all, users find the oldest collection from the early 1900s. At the top of the interface, you will find films of different categories. This includes genre, year, all movies, and highlights. The website has fewer advertisements for others. This is a unique part of AZ movies. Above all, users can find everything from very high-quality HD. There are more than enough servers that host the video. That is why it is easy for you, and nothing is lost. Then tap on the link below to watch and enjoy your favourite movies unlimited.


Yes, I know that Couch Tuner is one of the best websites to stream free content online. But I think exploring similar functions is better than sticking to it. If your search engine blocks your Couch Tuner, follow one of the five websites mentioned above. And I’m pretty sure my selection won’t bother you for anything. It will always help you find the content of your heart. Use your time after work or at school to entertain yourself with one of these. But I advise my readers to switch between these websites. You can also read How To Use Acestream Full Method With Screenshots

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