10 Ways to Fix: Google Chromecontinue Where You Left Off


Google Chromecontinue Where You Left Off (CWYLO) option allows users to keep the tabs open where they last time close their browsers. Page tabs automatically open when you again launch Chrome. It’s a useful option to go where you left off, so users no longer have to navigate bookmarks to reopen pages.

However, Some users have said that this feature does not work correctly for them. They said Chrome does not open all tabs from the last browser session.

According to the reports, sometimes the browser does not open with recently opened tabs and usually only opens one tab. In this article, We will discuss some of the reasons this happens, and we will also provide 100% working solutions to fully resolve this issue. Read the article carefully to avoid conflict.

How To Fix It?

Sometimes “(CWYLO) Chromecontinue where you left off” feature doesn’t work as intended. If you are facing this problem on your chrome browser, follow these methods to solve this issue:

Try to follow these methods to solve this issue:

Disable Extensions – Chromecontinue

Extensions add extra functionality to the browser; meanwhile, they can also cause trouble. Disable all extensions and check its working or not.

Go to menu > More Tools > Extesntions

chrome extension menu - chromecontinue

This is where you can disable all extensions and re-enabling one at a time to see which Chrome extension is causing the trouble. Incognito mode does not support “Continue where you left off,” so you cannot use “Chromecontinue Where You Left Off” on incognito mode.

Update Chrome – Chromecontinue

There are two ways to update the chrome browser. The first option is that you can download the latest version of Chrome from their official website. The second option is to go to Help and look update option in under the About tab.

About google Chrome - chromecontinue

Another method is to click the Chrome menu (three-dot) icon. If you see the Update Chrome button or an update is available, click it and update your browser. If it’s not showing then, you’re using the latest version.

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Delete Cache – Chromecontinue

The cache may be responsible for this strange behavior. Press “Ctrl + H” then on the left side, you see “Clear browsing data” click on it.

clear browsing data

Then “go to advance tab,” and select time rang to “All time” and click on the “Clear Data” button.

clear browsing data 2

Re-Enable It

sometimes users solve this issue by disabling this feature and then re-enable it again. Open chrome settings and type in the search bar “Continue where you left off”.

Re-Enable Continue where you left off - chromecontinue

Disable this option then Close Chrome and restart your PC, and then re-enable it.

Closing Web Apps

If you are using some web applications with Chrome, it is highly recommended that you close the web applications first and exit your browser last when you close Chrome. That way, Chrome can correctly guess which tabs you want to open on startup.

Don’t Create Shortcut.

Some users use the “create shortcut” feature, which save the direct link of the web page on the desktop. It is beneficial, but there is a problem. For some reason, it confuses the Chrome, and the “Continue where you left off” feature doesn’t work.

Instead of creating a shortcut, you can pin the tab, or you can also bookmark the page. So, if you pin the tab, every time you open Chrome, the webpage will open. For pin the tab, you can right-click on the tab and select “pin”. And if you want to bookmark the webpage, click the star icon on the right side of the address bar to bookmark the page.

Set up a new Google Chrome profile

1. Click the Profile button at the top right of the browser then select Add.

google chrome profile

Enter an account name, then select an image and press the Add button.

google chrome add person
Switch to the new profile by clicking the Profile button.

Open tabs in one window

Therefore, the CWYLO feature does not always reopen all closed multi-window tabs at the end of the last browser session.

Make sure all of your tabs are open in one browser window before closing Chrome.

Reinstalling Chrome

In this step, we’re going to reinstall Chrome completely. However, you can be sure that all settings will be retained, and nothing will be removed. To do that:

1. Press “Windows key” + “R” to open the Run prompt.

2. Type the given address and press “Enter”.

C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

3. If you only have one profile, it’s folder name is “Default”. If you have more than one profile, then the name will be “Profile 1”, “Profile 2”, and so on.

4. Copy the profiles to a secure folder on the computer.

5. Press “Windows key” + “R” to open the Run prompt and type in “Control Panel”.

6. Click on “Uninstall a Program” and select “Google Chrome”.

7. Then uninstall the Chrome.

8. download and install Google Chrome again.

9. Navigate back to the folder indicated in step 2.

10. Copy and paste the profile/profiles from step 3 back to the folder and select “Replace all Files” in the prompt.

11. Open Chrome, and all the user data will be safe.

12. Check to see if the Continue Use feature works properly.


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