Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Telecommunications Companies To Spy China “Hacked”

International News Telecommunications Companies To Spy China "Hacked"

Telecommunications Companies To Spy Alert:

Telecommunications Companies To Spy, Hackers working for the Chinese government broke into telecommunications networks to track Uighur travellers in Central and Southeast Asia told Reuters about two intelligence officers and two security advisers who investigated the attacks. Hackers are part of a broader cyber-espionage campaign aimed at high-value people, such as diplomats and foreign military personnel, sources said. But China has also given priority to monitoring the movements of ethnic people, a minority primarily Muslim group considered a security threat by Beijing.

1. General State Surveillance Centres

China is facing growing international criticism of the treatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Group members are being held in large numbers in what China calls “vocational training” and general state surveillance centres. Beijing’s alleged cyberspace attacks against the Uighurs show how it can implement this policy beyond its physical limits. As part of the campaign, various groups of Chinese hackers have engaged telecommunications operators in countries such as India, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Malaysia, according to the four sources. These countries are often used by the Uighurs as transit routes to travel between Xinjiang and Turkey in what human rights activists say is an attempt to escape persecution by the state.

2. Chinese efforts to hack phones and email accounts or Uyghurs around the world.

Google researchers also said they had discovered a campaign from unknown parties to infect thousands of Apple iPhones, sources of which Forbes said TechCrunch targeted the Uighur community. A window on someone’s life Telecommunications operators has been the victims of intelligence attacks around the world for a large amount of confidential data of users they have, such as location information and contacts. The ability to access telecommunications user data has also become an increasingly valuable means of espionage because the widespread use of encrypted message platforms has made interception and communication monitoring difficult, said John Hultquist.

3. Director Of Intelligence Analysis At US Cybersecurity

director of intelligence analysis at US cybersecurity company FireEye. “A single burglary (telecommunications operator) gives attackers access to much more information than they would get after people,” he said. FireEye said that one of the Chinese piracy groups that it is monitoring has used a piece of malware against telecom operators in Southeast Asia to extract SMS data for messages with keywords related to terrorist attacks, military ranks and names of Chinese politicians. Chinese hackers have also focused extensively on data from the call detail record (CDR) of their victims, said Amit Serper, a researcher at US-Israeli cybersecurity company Cybereason, who published a report on the activity this year.

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