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Best Brands On Instagram In the past 4-5 years, we have seen an enormous growth for Instagram. Not only has it become the most widely used social media platform, but we have seen a revolution in digital content, thanks to Instagram.

Instagram is a photo-sharing application that was founded in 2009. A few years ago, Facebook bought the platform, and since then, it is the most used social media platform.

For brands, it can reach the youngest audience present on the platform. Everyone fights for the vote on Instagram.

Because the platform is primarily based on images, the content game is surprising for brands. Also, Instagram continues to add new features to keep the platform relevant and exciting.

Today we will follow the ten best brands that have an extreme diet.

Best Brands on Instagram for Inspiration


10 Best Brands on Instagram to Follow in 2019

The first brand to kill him on Instagram is Oreo. The world-famous brand cookies/cookies from Mondalez is one of the best brands to follow on Instagram. His slimy diet ensures that we always want OREO.

The content strategy is simple; Every piece of content is around the product. Whether it’s about publishing OREO recipes from fans or making short movies, they always use their product to create content.
Another highlight of your feed is your story game. OREO always presents interactive stories using the TAP function at its best.


10 Best Brands on Instagram to Follow in 2019

The next on our list is VANS, the global brand for shoes and lifestyle. Everyone would know VANS as a fantastic and elegant shoe brand. However, they are also relaxed on Instagram. VANS has a lot of content related to products but with perfect messages and themes.

Lots of moving content, micro-videos and lively media is the secret of such an elegant Instagram source. They follow a lifestyle approach to display their products.

3. WeWork


The third in the list is WeWork. Yes, the global brand that offers shared workspaces worldwide. They always try to prove that their current office is nonsense.

They publish beautiful images or some of the best workspaces in the world. Another great thing about them is their use of hashtags. They use it correctly. They have created content properties around different themes that make their feed super strategic when it comes to content. For example, they have this beautiful hashtag #DogsOfWeWork, which shows their office spaces.

4. Sephora

Best Brands On Instagram Top 10

The next on our list is the French global brand beauty and personal care Sephora. Because their target group are young women, their diet has to do with millennials and their culture. Vivid colours, friendly tone and exceptional images make Sephora one of the brands to follow on Instagram.

Most of his publications relate to products. Creativity, however, is commendable. Creating unique product publications is always a challenge, but Sephora is proud to make some of the fantastic designs.

5. National Geographic

Best Brands On Instagram

National Geographic is one of my personal favourites. When it comes to images, they are the best in the world. Nature and wildlife, these are the two topics that they cover. They also re-publish some fan images.

His strategy is brilliant; they are linked to some of the best photographers who click on professional images. It is always a pleasure to see the NatGeo feed.

6. Disney

Best Brands On Instagram

Well, they don’t need a presentation. The creators of worldwide content have the best Instagram feed. Disney does enjoy not only his movies but also his Instagram game. There is a lot of fun and original content that they post.

High-quality content with perfect themes makes them one of the best brands to follow on Instagram.

7. Airbnb


Another global brand that creates incredible content. The hyperlocal content is excellent. Everyone knows the tone of Airbnb; They are warm and friendly. Its content supports it. You feel a certain level of freedom and comfort with the brand.

They also try to focus on a similar type of personality with their content on Instagram.

8. GoPro


A brand that revolutionized the making of videos for ordinary people. GoPro has the best user-generated content. A perfect example of a content strategy directed by UGC. All they have to do is find fantastic material that has been published by their customers and republish it.

The result is that you get a surprising variety of content with the characteristics of your organically displayed product.

9. BMW

Best Brands On Instagram

German car manufacturers shout luxury through their Instagram feed. BMW has a specific class and attracts the most people. With many stunning photos for social media jokes with their Audi competition, they never keep their audience busy.

10. Adidas


Well, we, Adidas, have the best Instagram feed when it comes to shoes. I know you might think, why not Nike. Adidas is more about the character, personality or athlete. The content reveals raw and modern emotions.

With brilliant images, new product launches and the perfect use of the platform with them in our ten most relevant brands to follow on Instagram.

So, here are our best options.

We understand that various other brands may arise, but we wanted to show our top 10. We have taken into account some factors when collecting this list: content strategy, involvement, visual appeal and product representation.

If you think there is a brand to be included in this list, share it with us in the comments, and we will update the list.

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