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Funny Prank, I want some helpful websites on the internet. Read this guide here. We compile some internet joke websites.

A joke is a fun activity to show how stupid a person is. These activities are full of fun for those who watch or do it. Unfortunately, this is embarrassing for the victim.

Jokes and trolls have become a trend. The joke video makers receive many answers. We all spend hours browsing our social networks and watching memes, trolls and troll videos.

As the days pass, we see the internet being flooded with joke videos and trolls. Many people do not know that Prank websites exist.

If you are enthusiastic enough to fool your friends, you can view the list we’ve made.

Creative Funny Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends and Make Fun

1. Love Calculator Prank

10 Best Amazing And Funny Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends

Love Calculator Prank is very naughty mischief that you play with someone. This joke will help you to know the secret crush of your friend or loved one.

You can create a unique link or yours and send it to your specific friends. Immediately after they click on the link, they are asked to enter the name of their loved one along with their name.

After you click the Calculate button, the joke is played. You receive the name of your friend’s name and the name of your partner. They will be surprised after they realize that they have been betrayed.


2. Worlds Best Pranks

10 Best Amazing And Funny Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends

Why scare your friends? Here is the perfect joke website for you. Imagine your friends browsing their Facebook news in their free time, send them the link and boom!

They forget to sleep in the coming days. They will feel that it was the biggest mistake to navigate on that link.

This is one of the most amazing websites that you can use to fool your friends.


3. Fake Update: Windows

Funny Prank

If you want to keep your friends away from your computer, you can use this fake update notification. On this joke website, you can show that you are using a completely outdated version of Windows. For instance; WINDOWS 98. Crazy, right?

This indicates that you are updating your system or using an earlier version or Windows.

Once you are convinced of this fact and leave it alone, you can resume what you did. You can press F11 to go full screen.


4. FartScroll: Funny Pranks

Funny Prank

Fart Scrolls help you make fart noises every time someone browse your blog. If you want your friends to be ashamed while they read your blog for everyone, this is your way out.

This website for fart jokes offers you a code with which you can configure everything to make this possible. These are a funny joke that you can play with your friends.

Use these tricks and have fun!


5. Prank Spaces

Funny Prank

Prank Space is a website on which many other jokes have been collected. You can find them useful enough to play with your friends.

This website can help you learn magic tricks, audio jokes, flash jokes, video jokes and much more.

This helps you to annoy your friends and family. You can learn many or new ways to annoy them with new styles and processes.

This is an exciting place if you want to keep joking with your friends.


6. Hacking Simulator: Geek Typer

10 Best Amazing And Funny Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends

Why are you fooling your friends in a great way? Geek Typer may be able to help you. You can easily pretend to be a hacker for everyone.

With Geek Typer you can write as a hacker with some images added for your details.

You can fool everyone by thinking that you are a professional hacker and have hacked someone’s system or website.

It has a high graphic representation and looks attractive that way.

If you have not had access to the site, a pop-up window will appear with the message “Access denied.” If you continue to insist, the site will flash red, and a violation will be reported.


7. Joker Greeting Prank

Joker Greeting Prank

This is a real prank. It can be played on anyone on their birthday. You buy a birthday greeting card and then send it to someone.

The music does not stop playing. Usually, the music starts when you open the card and stops when you close it and keep it back.

But, this is an annoying greeting card that keeps on playing the music non-stop for three hours straight. This does not stop until and unless you hit the card with a hammer or burn it down.

Websites are there from where you can get these types of cards done.


8. Do Not Press The Red Button

Do Not Press The Red Button

This old joke is like Pandora’s box. When someone forbids you from doing something, your curiosity takes over.

You feel compiled for this. That is where the fun lies in the joke. You send your friends a link that asks them not to press the red button.

They fight against their impulse to click on it. Once they have made a mistake, they will walk around seriously.

This Funny Prank joke is hilarious for the artist. On the other hand, the victim regrets the decision or presses the red button.


9. Secret Codes From Google

Secret Codes From Google

Google is one of the largest places. With this, you can play a lot of jokes. Breaking the search engine, calling the snow, completing the web browser and much more are part of this joke.


10. News of 2020 – Future Year

News of 2020 – Future Year

We are all excited to know about the future. Detecting and guessing future updates in advance is a lot of new emotion.

You have to hope that the fake news that your fake futuristic site is sharing has never been seen by anyone, especially those who make the joke.

This is fake news about the future, published as real on a website. As you share it with your friends, they are checked as soon as they believe in it.



So we know convincing and persuasive ways to joke with our friends. The list of Prank websites goes further, but here are some of the best we have written for you.

Happy Funny Prank!

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